Founded by Simon “viCey” Vinson and Stuart “StueyB” Butcher in late 2018, NVision is a new Esports organisation based in the UK. The company was established with a focus to provide players with a professional and innovative management team, allowing the players to pursue individual growth and achieve aspirations of becoming the best. Our mission is to grow a brand that will be identified worldwide, produce talent across a wide variety of games, and to compete, win, and dominate at the highest level. Think you’ve got what it takes?


Simon Vinson

Competitive gaming has always played a primitive part in my life ever since I was a young lad. From the small custom created home LAN games to the huge online arena of the internet, this competitive characteristic has never left my side. With over 10 years experience competing in the UK gaming scene, both playing in and leading teams, I feel now marks a new chapter in my life for making the Esports industry a full-time career. My motivation, ambition and vision is to create a brand that is known, and competes, worldwide – so why not start now?

Stuart Butcher

I’ve always had a passion for gaming ever since an early age alongside my love for sports. I believe this is where my competitiveness was born and have always strived to be better than my peers. Combining the love of my two favourite hobbies and making them into a career, is a dream come true. My vision is to create one of the best Esports organisations, competing in numerous games, at the highest level. Alongside this, I would like to start building up talent from a grassroots level and produce some of the best players the UK has to offer.