NVision UKLC – Week 1
By PlantsDontFly - Posted 16th July 2019

NVision UKLC – Week 1
By PlantsDontFly - Posted 16th July 2019

Week 1 Day 1

The opening week saw NVision face off against Demise in the first game of the UKLC Summer Split. This clash saw both teams vying to make an early impact on the standing and to also test the waters around their opponents for the tournament. Facing into eight weeks’ worth of games, NVision were eager to secure their first win.

Battle of the Rift

NVision entered the Rift with an interesting comp. Brelia brought out his Aatrox to secure the top lane, with Infinity’s Kayn roaming the jungle. 3z3 took to the mid lane with a threating Neeko and Spark and PropaMealDeal joined forces with Ezreal and Yuumi.

Initially, both teams played the opening stage safe with a simple counter warding of both jungler’s raptors. After an initial few minutes of farming, 3z3 suffered the unfortunate fate of falling to an early jungler gank into his lane. An overextension of Brelia right before the five-minute mark meant he joined his teammate’s fate for the second death. At the same time, Demise’s jungler had shown up in the bottom lane to help with a push on our bot lane, that luckily did not result in another death but did nearly cost us a turret play. This unfortunately set the trend for the game early on as all lanes were beginning to suffer under heavy pressure from our opponents. With Demise’s Yasuo having secured the necessary lead, Demise’s top laner and jungler began to heavily punish Brelia, ensuring he had no breathing space to recover the distance. This resulted in a domino effect beginning to emerge as the early game slipped from NVision’s grasp and firmly placing the momentum onto Demise’s side of the Rift.

A solid attempt was made to reverse NVision’s fortunes by Brelia and Infinity with a duo engage against Demise’s bot lane. However, a clean execution by their opponents ensured this did not work in their favour and an additional two kills went over to Demise. This was followed up by three rapid strikes by Demise securing both the first Ocean drake, another kill against 3z3 and first turret, allowing them to secure an impressive 6-0 lead within ten minutes.

NVision wasn’t out of the fight, as shown when Demise felt confident to throw Shelly at our mid lane. While securing additional plates, NVision responded and 3z3 secured a kill against Demise’s jungler. Unfortunately, Demise had a sizeable lead over us, and they cashed this in with during a gank attempt by NVision in the bot lane. What was a 3v2 quickly turned into a 4v3 with Demise’s mid laner arrive during the end phase of the fight to ensure two more kills were picked up.

Both teams continued to trade until the twenty-minute mark, with Demise unrelenting in their push against NVision, securing additional towers to grind their way to the Nexus. With a twenty-one-minute Baron secured, Demise rest for their final push. With a three-lane siege, Demise pushed NVision back until the lines broke with a twenty-three-minute game rounding out day one for NVision.


While a disappointing start to the opening day for the team, spirits remain high and optimistic for the rest of the tournament. After all, every team has their ups and downs, no legacy starts out with a flawless performance. NVision has shown they have promise and will continue to live up to the values of their organisation as they push forward onto the rest of UKLC tournament. The team recognises that they, like everyone, have room to improve and they won’t reach the summit without a lot of hard work. The NVision family is determined to rise to the occasion and we feel confident we can make this journey.