NVision UKLC – Week 2
By PlantsDontFly - Posted 16th July 2019

NVision UKLC – Week 2
By PlantsDontFly - Posted 16th July 2019

Week 2 Day 1

Entering into Week Two saw NVision take on Fnatic Rising as the team looked to secure their first win after falling to a strong showing by Demise in the opening game of Week One. Fnatic Rising started off early with an attempted jungle invade level one, with PropaMealDeal being forced to utilise his Heal for the added speed boost to ensure he avoided being collapsed upon. Fnatic then threw another curveball into NVision’s game plan with their top and mid laners lane-swapping once the laning phase began. With this swap, 3z3’s Sylas suddenly found himself facing off against Kennen and the lane priority switching to his opponent. Their mobile mid laner also helped Fnatic gain an initial control over the Scuttles and denying Infinity either of them. However, this led to a confident Fnatic pushing into the bottom lane for a gank on Spark and PropaMealDeal. Infinity remained well aware of Fnatic Rising’s likely pathing to the second Scuttle and had remained close by, allowing him to quickly engage in a countergank resulting in NVision securing the first two kills of the game. Not to be dissuaded, Fnatic shortly returned to the bot lane for another try and secured their first kill against Spark and following up with the first Cloud drake to their name.

With both teams having drawn blood from the other, it was no surprise that the game started to escalate. After the seven-minute mark, the first full team fight erupted. As Infinity roamed into Fnatic’s jungle and was pounced upon by his opponents, 3z3 and Brelia rotated in from their lanes to support their teammate while Spark and PropaMealDeal teleported in to provide that extra edge. Managing to secure two for two kill ratios, NVision attempted to disengage but with their cooldowns re-set and an angry Aatrox, Sivir and Pyke bearing down on them, only 3z3’s Sylas managed to escape the resulting battle, and this was all within eight minutes of gameplay!

NVision made the next move as they tried to secure a gank attempt on Rising’s Kennen, only for their Aatrox and Gragas to be waiting in the wings. While the kill was eventually secured, it came with a costly three kills to Fnatic Rising and allowing them to cash in on securing Shelly for their team. NVision did follow up shortly after with a kill on the enemy Kennen, but this distracted from Fnatic securing the Infernal drake and a quick summon the Rift Herald to cash in on some bot lane tower plates. After an initial engagement with Shelly, Fnatic reset in the lane with a four-man push to secure an additional two kills and leaving the first turret uncontested.

NVision now faced a 5k deficit which is a daunting prospect for any team to overcome, but our boys continued to fight on, as Brelia and 3z3 engaged in a two vs two fight in the top lane and almost knocked Pyke out for the count. Unfortunately, even with the arrival of PropaMealDeal and Spark, Fnatic Rising launched a counterattack where the gold deficit began to show. With this now five vs four team fight, NVision were overwhelmed. With the momentum of the game in their favour, Fnatic pushed both top and mid to secure both outer turrets, pushing the gold to an 8k deficit.

With the momentum against them, NVision still fought on, doing their best to answer the constant pushes by Fnatic but cracks began to appear in our lines. Fnatic’s lead ensured they had the momentum and strength to both rapid-push and poke NVision, resulting in stealing opportunistic kills with little response time available. With a mountain drake in their pocket, Rising moved onto secure a two-man Baron for their side. Having secured the Baron, NVision hunkered down behind their inhibitor turrets for the siege that was about to commence. Not wasting any time, Fnatic Rising had set up a three-lane minion push to coincide with the Baron they managed to sneak away with. Combined with the gold deficit in their favour, NVision was unable to hold against the onslaught from their opponents and the game rounded out with a Fnatic Rising victory.


While an unfortunate end to a game that we hoped to score the surprise upset, the team is still confident in moving forward and more importantly, moving up the ranks as the tournament progresses. We managed to draw several kills from what many consider one of the best UK teams and we have learned from this experience. As a new organisation, every challenge we face helps to shape us into an even greater team. From each defeat, lessons are learned and acted upon. As we move into week three, we continue to grow stronger and we will show what we are truly capable of on the Rift!