NVision UKLC – Week 3
By PlantsDontFly - Posted 20th July 2019

NVision UKLC – Week 3
By PlantsDontFly - Posted 20th July 2019

Week 3 Day 1

Week three saw a determined NVision face off against MNM Gaming, eager to show that we were not out of the fight yet. Moving onto the Rift saw NVision’s Brelia take Aatrox against his (near) namesake, Irelia. Infinity secured Karthus to prowl the jungle against Sylas, with 3z3’s Vel’Koz facing off against Neeko. In the bot lane Spark and PropaPandah (yes, the name changed again) brought Morgana and Pyke to battle against Kai’sa and Lux. This mix of champions promised to see an exciting battle on the Rift.

Already by the end of the first wave of minions the teams clashed. With an early invade by MNM’s jungler trying to steal Infinity’s Red Buff, NVision responded with a coordinated effort. Infinity engaged with his opponent, who did manage to secure the Red Buff, but it was not enough to swing the battle in MNM’s favour. Forced to flee, they had flashed into the Baron pit in an escape attempt, only to be met face-to-face against Brelia who was eager to fight and secured the First Blood. Both mid laners had also rotated towards the Red Buff while engaging with each other. With the death of Sylas, MNM’s mid laner suddenly faced into a 3v1 scenario. This quickly resulted in Brelia’s second kill of the game Meanwhile in the bottom lane, while MNM has pushed the lane PropaPandah secured a beautiful hook that drew MNM’s Lux into the tower range but also to be met with an instant root by Spark. MNM attempted to rapidly withdraw but the damage was done. Knocking their opponent’s support out of the fight, PropaPandah toyed with his opposition as they tried to secure the counter kill, but another root from Spark ensured he safely withdrew from attack range and Spark followed with up with his first kill, all within the first three minutes of the game!

After a reset by both teams, the scaling game continued for another while. MNM’s jungler did return to where he had fallen in battle, only for Infinity to be lying in wait, quickly being followed by 3z3 and PropaPandah (who secured the kill). MNM tried to push in the top lane with a 1v1 at their level six spike, but a calm head ensured Brelia avoided the stun attempt and almost managed to turn the fight around with Infinity’s arrival, but a quick teleport by Neeko prevented the capitalising on their opportunity. MNM showed they weren’t out for the count yet. After securing the first Cloud Drake, their top lane Irelia moved into to knock Brelia out. While Infinity did secure the counter kill, the bounty gold was lost. An unfortunate pathing by Infinity into the river saw him shut down by MNM, but he responded in that way we all know and love (or hate) Karthus, and secured the counter kill with his ult from beyond the grave. PropaPandah also secured another kill in what quickly became a team fight against the Neeko.

After MNM secured Shelly for their team, both sides performed a mirror play, with a 3v1 in the top lane against NVision and a 4v1 in the bot lane against MNM. Both sides secured a kill apiece and followed up with the first turrets of the game, MNM securing the first turret bonus by only a few seconds. Shelly did manage another charge at the second turret in top lane, but NVision secured a consolation prize in the second Cloud Drake of the game. With a rotation mid, 3z3 did fall to a Neeko/Lux ult combination but Spark and PropaPandah avenged his death with a quick strike on a roaming Lux.

However, as time progressed MNM showed they were able to keep the gold gap consistent despite NVision securing an 11-4 lead by 18 minutes. This showed in the team fight that quickly followed. While NVision did win by 3-2, it could still be considered a closer fight than expected. NVision was unfortunate in the timing of the Infernal Drake as Brelia’s teleport was still on cooldown, with his opposite number’s ready and waiting which provided MNM the split push opportunity in the top lane during the engagement around the objective. NVision secured the Infernal but lost another tower. The strength of MNM’s Irelia shined through as Spark and Brelia forced them into a 2v1 situation but managing to secure a 1-1 result. After losing a significant portion of the second mid-lane turret, NVision tried to counterattack but suffered PropaPandah’s death in the process. Rotating to try and sneak a Baron as MNM withdrew temporarily, they were quickly caught out and both teams being made reset with only 200 gold in between them. NVision pushed for the Baron play once more, but adequate warding by MNM and their positioning prevented them from securing it and also allowed MNM to secure that second mid lane turret. A rapid-fire team fight ensued as NVision tried to push into MNM’s backline, but luck was not in their favour as the team suffered a 4-0 defeat as MNM’s Kai’sa showed their worth with a double kill and securing the Baron Buff as a bonus.

With the Baron on their side and a flush of cash, MNM rallied their side and pushed deep into NVision territory. The next team fight began and NVision showed their skill by taking two kills from their opponents, but at a steep price of four of their own. With the first inhibitor turret falling, NVision respawned and tried to hold together a rapidly deteriorating situation. With brave hearts, our guys fought MNM for their right to be here, but the gap had simply grown too much. Another four members, an inhibitor and the top lane turret fell to MNM for only knocking one of their opponents out.

MNM decided to reset, gaining another Drake, this time Infernal for their side while NVision licked their wounds and looked to hold the line. MNM began a three-lane push, which the pushed to capitalise on but a lucky stun onto PropaPandah prevented the engage. After pushing to the bot lane inhibitor turret, they went for a final reset and then moved onto the Baron. With the pressure against their team, it was unable to be contested. As MNM advanced on the base, NVision prepared for their final fight. An aggressive engage by NVision to pre-empt MNM did manage to secure a 2-3 team fight result, but it simply was not enough as MNM followed through with their push and knocked the remaining players out of the fight, securing their victory.


NVision came into this game perceived as the underdogs, yet despite this, they fought an impressive game against their opponents. With constant pressure on MNM, we maintained a kill and gold lead for the majority of the game. While MNM did manage to turn it around in the end, to anyone viewing these games can see the progress NVision are making as a team. Their coordination, team fighting, objective control, and map awareness has certainly improved and in this writer’s opinion, will only continue to improve with every new challenge the team faces. With defiant hearts eager anticipation, we look forward to our next battle on the Rift.

Written by Brendan ‘PlantsDontFly’ Feely