NVision UKLC – Week 4
By PlantsDontFly - Posted 28th July 2019

NVision UKLC – Week 4
By PlantsDontFly - Posted 28th July 2019

Week 4 Day 1 – The Glory That Is Malphite

The stage was set. Two teams vying for supremacy, both eager to show to everyone they are opponents worthy of position, but only one team could claim victory. To our loyal fans, we can proudly say that we have delivered on that goal. We came into this tournament aiming to prove ourselves against the top the UK has to offer. While the road has been difficult, we have taken our losses to heart and strived to learn from them. The fruits our labour bore witness today as we faced off against Barrage Esports.

Landing onto the Rift saw NVision take Malphite (Brelia), Elise (Infinity), Karma (3z3), Sivir (Spark) and Leona (PropaPandah) with them going up against Jayce, Sylas, Azir Xayah and Braum. This balance of champions promised an entertaining match as both sides had their strengths and weaknesses to work with. Due to the nature of their champions, NVision and Barrage took a cautious approach for the initial laning period as they both sought to farm up and gauge their opponents. An unfortunate intercept attempt by PropaPandah at the seven-minute mark against Sivir resulted in a costly retreat that gained Barrage the First Blood. Feeling confident, Barrage tried to push on the top lane with a gank against Brelia who managed to successfully escape with a well-timed ult. With the pressure on the lanes, Infinity managed to sneak in and secure the first Cloud Drake of the game. NVision soon showed they were in this for the long haul as Infinity ganked Brelia’s lane to help him secure NVision’s first kill. A rapid-fire engagement from team members rotating to the lane left the score at 2-2.

As Barrage rotated to the Rift Herald, NVision quickly put a stop to any hopes of a quick secure. As each side gathered around the objective and a team fight ensued. With Brelia’s ult being negated by Sylas’ stopwatch, the fight went against NVision at first, but over extension by Xayah during NVision’s retreat resulted in an additional kill for the team. With a teleport by 3z3 near the top lane ensured another kill being secured this time by Infinity against Jayce. Using their momentum NVision secured Shelly’s aid for taking the first turret of the game in mid-lane, but at the cost of Spark who had been isolated from his team defending the bot-lane. A vengeful team rotated to the bot-lane to punish Sylas for this and also helped NVision secure an Ocean Drake.

Taking time to reset and spend their gold, the next fight ensued on Barrage’s Blue side of the map. While almost being knocked out of the fight with Barrage’s initial engage, a stun/ult combo by the team to eliminate the damage from Azir swung the fight in their favour for 2-1 and Barrage withdrawing.

A relative calm settled in for a period as both teams focused on securing what objectives they could without overextending. Both teams secured their second turrets along with NVision securing their second Ocean Drake. Pushing up the mid-lane as Barrage grouped in the river bush as they tried to get the jump on NVision turned to our favour as Infinity eliminated Azir from the fight and the resulting damage from him. The team performed beautifully as they baited a Baron attempt which Barrage were forced to respond to. With Brelia leading the charge, Jayce simply collapsed and Xayah fell during the retreat. Unfortunately for NVision they had overextended too early. Flanking them, Sylas engaged to secure a kill, followed by a respawned Azir thanks to the short timers at this stage in the game. Azir’s triple kill left both teams tied once again at 11-11 and the first Baron of the game following shortly after. True to NVision style, we did not let this go unanswered and as Barrage prepped their lanes for the push, NVision simply grouped mid and secured another tower for themselves to trade with the split push by Azir, and another Ocean Drake going NVision’s way.

After Barrage ended their Baron push with one final tower, NVision rallied to balance the scales. Several push attempts were made, culminating with Xayah being caught out and knocked off the Rift. With this gap in their lines, Barrage were unable to respond in time and lost another tower and the first Inhibitor of the game. Taking the opportunity, NVision reset and began to prep the next Baron as they sought to secure the edge to push further against Barrage. A nail-biting battle erupted around Baron as Barrage threw everything they had at their disposal, even redemption, trying to steal the buff and eliminate the team. Having taken damage from the Baron, we were at a disadvantage, but the team fought incredibly. In the end, only Brelia’s Malphite and Barrage’s Braum stood and we were able to claim victory as he retreated, and the Baron buff remained with Brelia.

With Brelia holding the Baron Buff, NVision focused their efforts on the bot-lane. Securing the second turret, the team initially focused on sieging the inhibitor turret. However, an over-eager engage followed that only resulted in Xayah’s death. With a counter engage by Sylas using Malphite’s ult and Azir’s damage output left only 3z3 to retreat from the devastation, falling back to the mid-lane as the inhibitor turret fell there to our minion’s push.

Barrage rallied their team and pushed to NVision’s base as they tried to take advantage of their various successes, but it was not to be. Despite having another Malphite ult ready on Sylas, NVision were able to play around this threat as Barrage engaged. While Azir’s damage ensured four members of NVision eventually fell, we won decisively with the entire Barrage team being taken out.

The next fight at the Baron Pit resulted in a well-timed steal by Barrage’s Sylas and the fight moving in their favour. While one a 1-1 result, NVision were forced to retreat but took the top lane turret for their troubles. Barrage followed up with the Elder Drake thanks to their advantage, but Spark did secure the bounty on Azir despite these efforts. Showing their tenacity, NVision managed to push and secure one of the two final turrets protecting Barrage’s inhibitor despite the balance of power being in their favour. Having burned out the Baron Buff, NVision pushed to regain the initiative. This culminated in an ambush attempt at Barrage’s Red Buff which did not go their way, leaving a scattered team to retreat after a 1-3 loss. Both mid and top lane turrets were lost along with mid inhibitor as Barrage took full advantage of the death timers.

As the clock hit the 45-minute mark, both sides moved in for the kill. Barrage took the Baron while NVision secured the Elder Drake. Azir quickly teleported to the top lane to destroy the undefended inhibitor but was unable to push further as 3z3 and Spark responded with their own to defend the final line. NVision then gave their opponents a taste of their own medicine as they cleared the mid-lane despite Barrage and secured their inhibitor before withdrawing. As Barrage began their next assault on the bot-lane, NVision continued to hold the line as best they could, but gradually they bled through, taking the bot lane inhibitor turret and almost taking the inhibitor. However, as it almost fell, NVision made their move. A full team engage onto their opponents created a beautiful chaos as each side lost their junglers and Brelia almost was eliminated. While the fight battled on, he withdrew to heal, no longer considered a threat as Barrage focused elsewhere. This was the last mistake they would make. In true NVision style, Brelia teleported to Barrage’s base. Outnumbered, NVision made sure that Barrage simply could not recall to their base. What felt like the longest beat-down on a base inhibitor followed as Brelia, almost leisurely hammered at the base and took the first win for NVision!

We promised our loyal fans that we as a team would continue to grow. From every defeat, a lesson learned, knowledge gained and a greater understanding of how we can play as both a team and as a family. Today, we put our lessons into practise as we showed we were capable of competing in the UKLC. To all of those who supported us in our lows, we thank you and hope you will continue to support us as we go forward to even greater heights!