The Underdog Tale
By PlantsDontFly - Posted 3rd July 2019

The Underdog Tale
By PlantsDontFly - Posted 3rd July 2019

NVision Esports – The Underdog Tale

There is a tale as old as time itself. Contenders vying for the spotlight, only to be overwhelmed by those established names. In every traditional sport, there simply seems to be a chasm of experience and a shield of their reputation protecting these teams from any upstart trying to take their throne. However, when it comes to Esports, that is where the rules of the game have been changed in more ways than one.

Enter stage right NVision Esports. Who are they? No one really knows. Sure, they have a rather slick uniform and seem full of bravado, but it’s only that… right? These players haven’t been around before, so they’ll no doubt choke on stage fright on the opening week and be gone in time for the LCS broadcast. These were the thoughts of so many spectators and competitors in the recent Forge of Champions Spring 2019 tournament which saw NVision Esports compete competitively for the first time in the LVPUK. Instead, NVision ensured they drew blood in their debut and left a message that they would be back for more. Unlike when NVision first entered the tournament as an unknown, now everyone knows their name.

NVision Esports – Start-up/Founding

Where did we come from? A simple question, ironically enough with a simple answer to start us on this path. “Wouldn’t it be awesome to have our own esports team?” This question asked by Simon “viCey” Vinson and Stuart “StueyB” Butcher in 2018 has since grown the organisation into the team we have today. The founders understood that to achieve success in what was rapidly becoming a saturated market, they had to identify their core values and ensure they stick to them through thick and thin.

  • Focusing on providing players with a professional and innovative organisation
  • Allowing the players to pursue individual growth and develop all aspects of their physical and mental game
  • Grow a brand that will be identified worldwide by competing at the highest level

These three key elements make up the core of what is it to be a member of the NVision family. Simon and Stuart have maintained a commitment to these values throughout the challenges the organisation has faced in their early days, especially when faced with their first competition, and it has shown in the quality of the team they have forged.

NVision Esports – First Months / Solidifying

For Simon and Stuart, their initial months started off like most passion projects do, as a hobby. Most might scoff at this, but the harsh reality is that the world does not stop as you pursue your dreams. Bills have to be paid. So, they worked during their free time, grabbing every scrap of progress they could in establishing their organisation when the opportunity presented itself. As time went by, their efforts begun to bear results. Unlike the established names, they had to build their infrastructure from scratch. All of the aspects most take for granted, such as the website construction to team building, organising trials to developing their social media presence. Even the jersey colours had to be decided on, never mind the design! All of this takes time, but it was being done to create an environment that would help their team achieve success. In the words of Simon and Stuart, when you are working on your passion you don’t really realise that most consider this a daunting task. Sure, there are times when you are stressed and may encounter difficulties, but if you are working towards something you love, then you keep pushing forward. That approach led to the creation of a talented team of players who were able to train and develop in enjoyable and supportive environment. This team would go onto represent NVision Esports at the Forge of Champions with pride.

Forge of Champions

Daybreak, 30th April 2019. This is the moment that we had been building towards. NVision’s inaugural debut on the UK stage. Today was the day we would see if all the trials and tribulations we had endured would pay off. The team had truly come together in support of each other and the founders were confident in their abilities. All that remained now was to go on that stage and win. However, fate was going to make this challenge our greatest yet, with the drawing on NVision Esports against Phelan Gaming. As those of you who already may be aware, Phelan Gaming reached as far as the quarter finals in the main bracket. That did not mean we simply went quietly into the night. No, we fought for our right to be amongst the best and it showed.

Despite expectations of this being a rollover, we fought well and knocked Phelan Gaming down with an initial victory in our best of three. A gruelling back and forth game between the favourites and the rookies took the spectators by surprise as NVision simply would not let Phelan get away from them. After Phelan managed to secure a Baron at the 27-minute mark, NVision pounced on their confident opponents and secured two kills, using their momentum to secure an additional turret as well. Phelan reset, and with their Baron momentum seemed to be edging closer to victory with NVision’s inhibitor turret only one auto attack from falling when Noodlicious’s Nautilus struck, eliminating Phelan’s Lucian and ensuring they could follow up to eliminate Yorick as well. A rapid fire of team fights occurred in both bases, with both teams almost collapsing from rapid reversals, but UKMealDeal’s (PropaMealDeal) Rakan ultimate timing was simply perfection, allowing for his teammates to secure three kills and push for the victory.

Unfortunately, despite our initial success, Phelan Gaming quickly ramped up the pressure on us as they came to realise, we were a true threat to them. The next games showed we had true team fighting capability, but Phelan’s macro game simply surpassed our own as they ensured they dominated the Baron in both remaining games moving forward. As such, we were then moved into the Promotion/Relegation bracket where the true fun would begin, but not before a new crisis beset the team. It was with a heavy heart that we saw the departure of Noodlicious from the NVision family. While we were sad to see him leave, we do wish him all the best in his future endeavours. However, the timing did leave us in a conundrum. Where could we find a Jungler on such short notice that could find chemistry with the team? Behold the glorious entrance of Infinity!

As the Promotion/Relegation tournament began, we were faced with teams in an even more determined situation than the main tournament. After all, not winning is one thing, but being relegated is a much more daunting prospect. If it were to happen to NVision, would this be our breaking point? Would we fall like so many expected us to do? We were determined to prove all the naysayers wrong, and as the final results show we definitely proved our worth.

Our initial start to the bracket was shaky, with the EJBY Brotherhood (now known as Demise Gaming) stealing a victory from us. However, once we had found our footing with our new team setup, our fortunes began to reverse. Following up with back to back victories against Looking for Org and Hybrid Esports UK, we then moved onto facing the true legacy teams, Bulldog Esports and Darkspawn Gaming. Here is where we truly begun to shine as a team. Through defiant gameplay, we pushed both Bulldog Esports aside in a thrilling 2-0 match. We returned once again to face the Brotherhood and while we were not victorious in the end, we certainly left our mark as we ensured our macro domination in game 1 to force the EJBY Brotherhood to need a 2-1 victory. The loser’s bracket saw us face yet another legacy team, Darkspawn Gaming and through this decisive performance and 2-0 victory, NVision claimed their rightful spot in the UK League Championship.

Where are we now:

NVision Esports now sits at a crossroads. We have overcome the trials of establishing an organisation, bringing together the talent for a team, ensuring said talent have an environment to truly show what they are capable of and be able to work together. However, it is only the start of a long road for us. Whilst we have a benchmark and proven record behind us, we will now move into the UKLC summer split our competitors and the community at large judging us on our ability to grow and progress further in every appearance. We feel confident that we can rise to the occasion, and we hope you will join us on this journey to become one of the greatest esports organisations in our region. The UKLC better watch out, as we are on our way!